TradingView PineScript Indicators

At AlgoCados, our expertise lies in creating PineScript Indicators exclusively for TradingView, each one carefully designed to revolutionize your trading experience. Our distinct fusion of algorithmic accuracy and seasoned trading insights, drawing inspiration from trading maestros like The Inner Circle Trader, affectionately known as ‘ICT’, and the legendary W.D. Gann, is engineered to enhance your market analysis and refine your trading choices. With AlgoCados, you’re not just trading; you’re embracing a journey of precision and wisdom in your trading strategies.

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  • ICT Weekly Templates Dashboard

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    The ‘ICT Weekly Profile Templates Dashboard’ by AlgoCados is a TradingView suitable Indicator that offers a systematic way to decode ICT Weekly Profiles. Based on 12 unique trading patterns, it serves as a roadmap to track the ICT Weekly profiles and keep the trader in sync with the Market.

  • IPDA Liquidity Matrix Free Tradingview Indicator by AlgoCados

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    Enhance your trading strategies with the ICT IPDA Liquidity Matrix by AlgoCados. This free TradingView indicator analyzes trends using specific IPDA references of 20, 40, and 60 days for High Time Frame (HTF), and 20, 40, and 60 hours for Low Time Frame (LTF) and integrates the daily open price for comprehensive market analysis.

  • W.D. Gann Anchored Square of 9

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    The ‘AlgoCados x Anchored Square of 9’ indicator is a sophisticated trading tool designed for leveraging W.D. Gann’s Square of 9 methodology to predict critical support and resistance levels, offering a structured mathematical approach to identifying potential turning points in the market.