W.D. Gann Anchored Square of 9

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The ‘AlgoCados x Anchored Square of 9’ indicator is a sophisticated trading tool designed for leveraging W.D. Gann’s Square of 9 methodology to predict critical support and resistance levels, offering a structured mathematical approach to identifying potential turning points in the market.


The ‘AlgoCados x Anchored Square of 9’ indicator is a sophisticated trading tool designed for the TradingView platform, leveraging W.D. Gann’s Square of 9 methodology to predict critical support and resistance levels. 

This mathematical model is grounded in the premise that time and price are mathematically interchangeable at significant market junctures, particularly at final highs and lows, but even intraday levels offer insights.

The indicator capitalizes on this principle by enabling projections from these pivotal points, utilizing a series of calculated angular shifts derived from a starting HTF High or Low, or from a LTF Open, Close, High or Low.

Core Functionality

Mathematical Square Model: At its heart, the indicator uses a mathematical square to model the relationship between time and price, offering a structured approach to identifying potential turning points in the market.

Angular Shifts: The indicator calculates angular shifts from a designated starting point (either a low or a high, an open or a close), providing a series of potential support and resistance levels. These levels represent points of mathematical balance, crucial for traders to anticipate market movements.

Projection Basis: In alignment with Gann’s principles, projections are made from absolute highs and lows, underlying these points as zones where time and price converge in a unique, predictable pattern. 

For Intraday Mastery: The Art of Angular Shifts

Intraday trading with Algocados integrates the Anchored Square of 9 strategy, providing a robust yet flexible framework tailored for the dynamic intraday market. This approach focuses on identifying key intraday support and resistance levels through precise angular shifts. Ranging from 11.25° to 360°, these shifts stem from geometric calculations anchored in significant daily price points. Whether it’s the previous day’s high, low, close, or today’s open, each selected anchor point offers a unique perspective, enhancing your ability to navigate and capitalize on short-term market fluctuations. Embrace the art of angular shifts with Algocados, and transform your intraday trading into a more efficient and informed experience.

Intraday Levels | Square of 9

Elevating HTF Analysis: Strategic Anchor Points

Algocados takes High Time Frame (HTF) analysis to the next level with the Anchored Square of 9 strategy, perfect for traders focusing on long-term market trends. By strategically choosing significant highs and lows as anchor points, this method unfolds a comprehensive view of the market’s broader trends. It’s not just about identifying support and resistance levels; it’s about gaining an in-depth understanding of the market’s structural framework. With angular shifts like 720°, 1080°, and up to 7200°, traders can pinpoint areas where significant price movements are likely, aligning strategies with the market’s long-term direction. This HTF approach, an essential part of Algocados’ toolkit, ensures that your trading strategy is not only effective but also sustainably healthy for your long-term trading goals.

HTF Analysis | Square of 9

Technical Data Sheet

Category Details
Indicator Name AlgoCados x Anchored Square of 9
Platform Compatibility TradingView
Version 5
License Mozilla Public License 2.0
Author @AlgoCados | All Rights Reserved
Publisher @AlgoCados | All Rights Reserved
Overlay True (overlays on the price chart)
Core Functionality Mathematical Square Root Model | Angular Shifts | Projection Basis
Features and Customization High, Low, Open and Close Anchor Points | Customizable Angular Shifts | Visual and Functional Customization
Configuration Options Time Zone: America/New_York | Anchor Point: User-defined | Calculation Type: Low/High/Open/Close | Offset: Adjustable | Labels Options: Levels, Prices, Levels + Prices
Angular Shifts Customization Angular Shift Ranges: 11,25 Degrees to 7200 Degrees

Default Values: (22,5 | 45 | 90 | 180 | 360 | 720) Degrees

Style and Color Customization Line Styles: Solid, Dotted, Dashed | Line Colors: Configurable | Extend Direction: Both, Left, Right, None | Line Width: Adjustable
Text Customization Font Family: Monospace, Sans Serif | Font Size: Adjustable
Functional Components Calculation Logic: Pine Script™ | Dynamic Labeling | Visualization
Recommended Use Timeframe: 30 mins charts or higher | Anchor starting point from relevant lows or highs for meaningful calculations
Usage Structured way to predict market movements using Gann’s methodologies, with extensive customization for chart analysis
Setup and Customization Input preferences for angular shifts, line styles, and labeling options for dynamic adjustments on the chart

Features and Customization

High, Low, Open and Close Anchor Points: For HTF Analysis, traders can set anchor points at significant highs or lows, in tune with Gann’s theory that these points are optimal for projecting future price movements. You can either enter a price or a time and select the anchor point: select ‘low’ if you are calculating from a bear market low and ‘high’ if you are calculating from a bull market high. For LTF Analysis, traders can set anchor points at Previous Day High, Low, Close or Today’s Open and range between 11,25 degrees to 360 degrees of angular shift for daily levels insights.

Customizable Angular Shifts: Users have the ability to customize which angular shifts are displayed, tailoring the analysis to specific trading strategies or insights. Some angular shifts will be displayed by default (22,5 | 45 | 90 | 180 | 360 | 720), while others can be selected in order to provide a better and smoother experience. You can select to display angular shifts up to 7200 Degrees; 360 Degrees of Angular Shift compute a Wheel Gann. The reference calculated points are points of mathematical balance indicating potential support or resistance zones.

Visual and Functional Customization: The indicator offers extensive options for line styles, colors, and labeling, allowing for a personalized visual representation of support and resistance levels on the chart.

Recommended Use

Timeframe: The use is advised for 30 mins charts or higher time frames even though it works on lower time frames too. 

Anchor the starting point: The indicator allows you to calculate from whatever starting point: for correct and meaningful calculations the starting point has to be a low or a high, better if absolute and not intermediate.

Configuration Options

Time Zone Setting: Pre-configured to “America/New_York”

Anchor Point: User-defined time input for setting the calculation’s starting point, with default set to a specific timestamp.

Calculation Type: Allows selection between “Low”, “High”, “Open” and “Close” for the base calculation point, facilitating projections from significant lows or highs.

Offset: Adjustable integer defining the distance from the anchor point to extend the calculated lines, enhancing visualization.

Labels Options: Customizable labeling for lines, offering “Levels”, “Prices”, or “Levels + Prices” to suit user preferences.

Angular Shifts Customization

Angular Shift Ranges: Provides a series of boolean inputs to enable or disable specific angular shifts ranging from 67.5 to 7200 degrees, allowing users to tailor the indicator’s output to their analytical needs.

Style and Color Customization

Line Styles: Options for “Solid”, “Dotted”, and “Dashed”, giving users control over the appearance of the lines drawn on the chart.

Line Colors: Configurable colors for open, support, and resistance lines, as well as label text, ensuring clear visual distinction.

Extend Direction: Choice of extension direction for lines (“Both”, “Left”, “Right”, “None”), facilitating precise alignment with analysis.

Line Width: Adjustable line width for better chart readability.

Text Customization

Font Family and Size: Options to select from “Monospace” or “Sans Serif” and size variations for personalized text display.

Functional Components

Calculation Logic: Utilizes Pine Script™ to dynamically calculate and project support and resistance levels based on user-defined parameters and angular shifts.

Dynamic Labeling: Generates labels for each line, reflecting either the angular degree, price level, or both, according to user settings.

Visualization: Draws lines and labels directly on the price chart for immediate visual analysis of potential support and resistance areas.

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Gann Square of 9 Strategies

HTF Analysis, LTF Analysis

HTF Anchor Points

Relevant HTF Low, Relevant HTF High

HTF Targets

720°, 1080°, 1440°, 1800°, 2160°, 2520°, 2880°, 3240°, 3600°, 7200° Levels

LTF Anchor Points

Previous Day's High, Previous Day's Low, Previous Day's Close, Today's Open

LTF Targets

11, 25°, 22,5°, 45°, 67,5°, 90°, 135°, 180°, 270°, 360° Levels

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